World Science Festival

I’ve been a huge fan of Lawrence Krauss since seeing him earlier this year at AMNH, where he was promoting his newest book, “A Universe from Nothing.” In it, Krauss, a theoretical phyisicist (which is what I decided I’d love to be, if I could do math) essentially assuaged my emerging-athiest philosophical doubts about how the universe could have possibly come into existence without the help of a capital H-i-m.


(Above, Krauss on stage at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Needless to say, I was psyched to learn about the World Science Festival this week and bummed that most of the lectures were sold out, but relieved that there would still be a chance to hear Krauss speak at Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset on Saturday (see above). Not to mention live music and stargazing through telescopes pointed at the Moon and Saturn (which looks just like cartoon Saturn through a telescope, by the way). The basis of his brief chat this time was the upcoming transit of Venus and its importance for astronomy, and mankind— specifically the search for prospective life on other planets. Kind of important.

I’ll be watching the transit of Venus at AMNH on Tuesday. It’s not happening again for 105 years. Will you watch?

Also, find out how you can still catch more of the World Science Festival on 6/3.


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