Trees on Demand: Holiday Hack for Busy New Yorkers

While the holidays signify time with friends and family, gifts, relaxation and thankfulness, for some, they also represent an even busier period of take-out meals, skipped workouts, and gifts delivered within the Amazon Prime Now two-hour window.

Help me help you:

This year our tree came from the St. Nicholas of Firs, NYC Trees. For slightly more than your average six-footer, two muscular dudes will drop off your tree within an evening time window, set up the stand, fill it with water, and even add a Santa-themed skirt. We were worried our tree would be less handsome or shapely than one we picked out ourselves, but couldn’t have been more wrong or less pleased.

Trees on-demand

NYC Trees: https://nyctrees.com/

Prices start at 109 and include delivery, stand and setup

Removal starts at $60


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