Need to know: 5 must-haves for new puppy parents

On October 28, 2019, our lives changed forever when we met our eight-week-old puppy for the first time and flew him home. Despite having read all the blogs and puppy proofing our Manhattan apartment, there were a few surprised we never could have anticipated. Equally, there were a few tools and tips we absolutely couldn’t have done without. I was so surprised by the lack of “lists” for new puppy parents — and so, dear reader (especially if you plan to put a bow on a new Fido this holiday season) — here is your foolproof list of puppy must-haves:

I’ve seen dozens of advertisements for “nanny” puppy cameras, and hesitated before shelling out about $100 for a Furbo, one of the more prominent brands with top reviews on Amazon and the added benefits of livestreaming video, interactive voice and sound — and here’s the kicker, projectile treats — so you can ask him to sit, and then toss him a treat and tell him “good boy!” Keep an eye out for great deals on one during the holidays.

Chewy is not just another online retailer. I have been repeatedly blown away not just by their broad selection and thorough product reviews, but also (and especially) the top-notch customer service. Not only do they respond immediately, but they’re understanding enough (in my experience) to accommodate even a customer mistake with a full no-questions-asked refund. All your previous orders are archived for quick re-ordering (or repeat delivery at the frequency of your choice, if you prefer) which is inevitable as you discover your pup’s favorite products. Bonus, they also have a hilarious and engaging social media team, worth following on instagram @chewy.

3. MR. SLOTH (or a Mr. Sloth equivalent)
My brother gave our puppy this long legged sloth as a gift when he was young, and it quickly became his (and our) favorite toy. Especially for smaller dogs, a toy that’s easy for mom and dad to dangle while reading the paper or sipping your morning coffee becomes a morning necessity (and doubles as a cuddly tug-of-war as needed). Ours is similar to this one from TJMaxx, under $10.

Dog beds are great and all, but a washable puppy cocoon is essential in the winter months (can you say, bed and blanket in one?) and extremely helpful before your puppy learns to control his messes. At under $20 and easy to find, we love this version from Walgreens.

Like a toddler, when he’s young, your pup’s teeth can be a pain. Ours loves these chew toys from Nylabone, and there are packaged “puppy starter kit” options, this one from Petco, so you can upgrade to the appropriate toy for each stage of his development. Lucky for us, this set of puppy keys (pictured) was his first toy on his flight home.

These are @warrenbuffettdoodle and our 5 favorites — which are yours? Share suggestions in the comments! xx


1 thought on “Need to know: 5 must-haves for new puppy parents”

  1. LOVE Chewy. They are SO easy to work with. My dogs are on prescription food (of course they are right?) and they contact the vet as needed without me having to do anything other than place the order. (You do have to provide the vet info initially, but still, super easy.)
    So excited for you guys and your puppy child!

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